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Audacious Theatre
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It's Audacious Theatre's annual holiday fundraiser! Quarantine edition. Drunk Christmas is a shortened down, drunk version of A Christmas Carol. In the video version, members of Audacious Theatre shot individual portions of scenes in their homes, and it's been stitched together into one hilarious and *mostly* coherent story. Featuring friends, family, and pets, Drunk Christmas is the cheekiest interpretation of Dickins's classic tale you can find online.

If you enjoyed the movie, or you've been moved by the Spirits of Christmas, please donate to Audacious Theatre and support us as we make more cheeky, whimsical, and innovative theatrical experiences. 

Play along at home with the Drunk Christmas Drinking Game!

Take a drink every time you hear “Humbug”

Take a drink every time you see an animal

Take a drink every time there’s a “special effect”

Advanced Level: Drink every time someone says “Merry Christmas”

Drunk Narrator Level: Drink every time the camera goes out of focus

  • Drunk Christmas - Full Length

  • Drunk Shenanigans
  • Adorable Animals
  • Christmas Cheer
  • General Hilarity
  • Runtime
    57 minutes
  • Drunk Christmas - Full Length
  • Drunk ShenanigansIncluded
  • Adorable AnimalsIncluded
  • Christmas CheerIncluded
  • General HilarityIncluded
  • Runtime57 minutes
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Audacious Theatre's Drunk Christmas

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